Matt Elliot by LCvision

Hi Matt, here is are some questions :

Your first musical emotion ?

about 7 years old in a russian orthodox church on good friday listening to a woeful choir.

What's your personnal musical experience/musical education ?

10 years of tooling around.

In Barcelonna, You use acoustics instruments for the set, you play guitar and Melodica and Chris play Cello, do you enjoy playing classic intruments ?

i do enjoy playing acoustic instruments i just wish i could play better, thats what happens when you dont have a musical education.

What kind of collaboration do you have with Chris ?

chris and me share similar attitudes to music, but i write the music and he writes most of the parts he plays.

If he can answer, i would like to know if he have a solo project, i know that he play in Movietone, but i don't really know their music.

he does have a project called many fingers and a cd due out in March/april 2004.

How did you conceive your shows, do you apprehend them by different ways ?

just from messing about.

Do you enjoy to play live ? You seems really perfectionist in chaos :) ?

it depends, i hate the moments just before i go onstage, and obviously if its bad theres no worse feeling but if it goes well its the best feeling there is.

You create your own universe, really dark in a first listening, but it becomes powerfull in the sense that it make born or reborn your primal sensation of human being, as simply love one's neighbour, do you have conscience of that ?

hmmm not sure, i dont think that its easy to explain in words which is why music is such a great form of communication, although obviously i wish people would get along.

Why did you left Domino Records for the french Label 0101, how the encouter appends ?

basically, because domino seemed to be more interested in getting records in the charts, i have had good dealings with 0101 and i thought i'd try out a different label.

Is The Third Eye Foundation really dead ?, or can he live with the Matt Elliot "solo" project, because they are definitly different ?

there is a remix project that i have done for 0101 coming out in may i think as the Third Eye Foundation.

How did you choose the covers songs for "I Poo Poo On Your Juju" ?

ok i see well the yann tiersen was kind of sorted out by stephane from ici d'ailleurs, the blonde redhead we sorted out when we played together in france then i just sorted out at home, tarwater i met in germany and again i just agreed to do something sorry its not more exciting.

And how did you make the art cover choice for "I Poo Poo On Your Juju" ?

it was a great artist vania zouravlev check out

It was a "Pied de Nez" (sort of sarcastic joke) to close the Third eye foundation period by a cover lp ?

not really it wasnt planned that way.

Can you explain me what was the Semtex project, because cds are difficult to find :/ ?

it was basically the first album released on my own label, although there was a single aswell that was out on a domino offshoot series 500, both are now deleted ?

As a little geek, i would like to know what OS you are using, what type of computer ?

i've only just got a computer and its a revelation, although maybe my music would have sounded different if i'd had one all along.

How will you approch/conceive the new Matt Elliot LP ?

the new lp is nearly finished, its much more melody/song based than even the mess so we'll see.

Do you play classic Dj's set sometimes, just mixing songs that you love ?

sometimes, i do enjoy dj'ing.

Thx very much Matt.

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